1. Project SEED, California Section:

This program is an initiative of the American Chemistry Society (ACS) that provides fund for eligible students to work full-time for 9 weeks in a research lab during the summer months. The Melotto lab has been assisting these students to develop research skills and increase their competitiveness to be accepted at universities.  For more information, follow The ACS Project SEED Program.

Summer Students
In the summer of 2017, Tiffany Vu and Andrew Vallero worked on food safety-related projects under the supervision of Cristian Jacob, a PhD student in the Melotto Lab.

2. NAU-UC Davis Education Conference on One Health for Food Safety and Security:

Since 2015, Dr. Melotto and members of the lab have been participating in this annual event as speakers, panelists, and organizer of day events as part of the One Health Conference hosted by NAU and WIFSS UC Davis. The primary goal is to educate the next generation of scientists to apply a One Health approach in developing the means of identifying and preventing foodborne disease outbreaks. Please follow WIFSS Outreach for latest conference agenda.

NAU-WIFSS Annual Symposium in Nanjing

Delegates attending the One Health Conference, Nanjing Agriculture University, November 2015.

3. Summer Internship Opportunities for High School Students:

The Melotto lab offers hands-on experience to High School Students interested in applying for college. Students work under the guidance of a research assistant to learn: Basic Molecular Biology Techniques, Microbiology Methods, and Plant Biology.

Summer Student
Mariano at work! His words: “The Microbiology camp that I did in the Summer of 2010 with Dr. Badon and the internship opportunity that you [Dr. Melotto] had given me this year in your department have given me a greater appreciation of the Life Science profession and further motivation to pursue Life Sciences as my major in college.”