Undergraduate Honors Thesis

Winter 2023: Tracy Weitz completed an Honors Thesis titled: “Impact of heat waves on E. coli O157:H7 persistence in lettuce”.  Tracy graduated with B.Sc. in Plant Biology.

Tracy Weitz
Tracy presented her amazing research to the Plant Sciences Department! 


Fall 2014: Roshni Kharadi and Vincent Nguyen, Honors College students, completed their Honors Thesis in Biology.

Fall 2013: Davina Sassoon, an Honors College student, completed her Honors Thesis titled: “Assessing the role of three Arabidopsis thaliana proteins in stomatal immunity”.

Spring 2012: Samantha Trinh, an Honors College student, completed her Honors Thesis titled: “Identification of Arabidopsis Mutants with Enhanced Stomatal Immunity”. She gave an oral presentation of her research during the Honors Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Symposium (HURCA) at UT Arlington.

Samantha’s presentation at ASM 2011… with a little support from the lab mates.

Spring 2013: Anh Quang Le, also a member of the Honors College, the most senior student in the lab was promoted to an undergraduate group supervisor.

Ahn determining the leaf surface temperature after inoculation using thermoimages.