Breeding Crops for Enhanced Food Safety - Meeting Program

Workshop Goals

  • Connect plant scientists, breeders, extension specialists, food safety experts to discuss collaborative efforts and multidisciplinary approaches geared towards eradicating the occurrence of human pathogens in crop production systems.
  • Identify knowledge gaps, innovative strategies, and research priorities in this emerging field of breeding for crop safety.

Workshop Local Organizing Committee
   Dr. Michele Jay-Russell, Research Microbiologist/Manager, Western Center for Food Safety (co-chair)
   Dr. Maeli Melotto, Professor, Department of Plant Sciences (chair)
   Dr. Allen Van Deynze, Associate Director Plant Breeding Center (co-chair)
   Kerry Clearwater, Plant Sciences, Account Manager
   Dena Gilday, Plant Sciences, Travel Assistance
   Rob Kerner, Plant Sciences IT Support
   Amanda Saichaie, Program Manager, Plant Breeding Center

Meeting Program